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Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to our Website. If you continue to use this Website, you agree to the following conditions of use, which, together with our privacy policy, govern the relationship between Altavista Cinematics and you regarding this Website. The terms "Altavista Cinematic and Color Science Solution," "we," or "Altavista Cinematics" refer to the owner of the Website, whose registered office is 8333 NW 53rd Street, Suite 450, Miami, FL 33166, United States of America. The term "you" refers to the user or viewer of our Website. 

The content of this Website's pages is for general information and use only and is subject to change without notice.

Neither we nor any third party provides a warranty regarding the accuracy, timeliness, or operation of the information and materials found or offered on this Website for any particular purpose. You acknowledge that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and expressly exclude liability for any inaccuracy or mistake permitted to the extent possible by law. Using any information or material on this Website is entirely at your own risk, and we will not be responsible. It will be your responsibility to ensure that any product, service, or information on this Website complies with your requirements.

This Website contains material that belongs to or is authorized to use. This material includes but is not limited to, design, placement, appearance, and graphics. Reproduction, either partially or in full, is strictly prohibited, unless authorized under copyright agreements.

All trademarks reproduced on this Website, which are not our property or authorized by the operator, are recognized on the Website.
Please be aware that any unauthorized use of this website may result in legal consequences, including damages and potential criminal charges. We kindly ask that you only use this website in accordance with its intended purpose and applicable laws.

Please only use this Website for its intended purpose and applicable laws.

This Website may also occasionally include links to other Websites. These links provide you with additional information. However, this does not mean we own such Websites. We do not have any responsibility for the content of those Linked Websites.

You can not create a connection to this Website from another Website without there being a written document with the consent of Altavista Cinematics. The use of this Website and any misunderstanding arising from its use are subject to the laws in force.

Privacy Policy

About the handling of Privacy

Altavista Cinematics is unwavering in its commitment to upholding the highest levels of integrity. As part of our business operations, we may need to collect, record, store, process, transmit, and manipulate certain personal information. We approach these activities with utmost seriousness, constantly striving to provide secure and appropriate data handling methods. If you have any queries regarding Altavista Cinematics' privacy policies, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Obtaining data under your consent.

The reason why the information is collected could be explained, before or during the collection of the same and any change in the purpose will be communicated directly. This consent will be requested and will be given either in writing, verbally, electronically, or through an authorized representative. In certain cases, consent may also be implicit, due to generally accepted business practices.

The approval to collect, use, and disclose personal information may be withdrawn at any time the user so wishes, in accordance with legal and contractual restrictions, and by means of a notice given within a reasonable time.


To ensure the privacy and security of personal information, the following policies will be strictly followed:


Collection of Information:

• Only legal methods will be used to collect personal information.

• Personal information will be collected only for the specified purpose.


Information Sources:

• Whenever possible, personal information will be obtained directly from the user.

• If personal information is obtained from any other source, you will be notified in writing and your approval will be sought before proceeding.

Uses and disclosures

Personal information will not be used or disclosed for purposes other than those specified to you, except:

• When required by law or state agency, or

• Whenever necessary, to determine eligibility for a benefit, or

• To protect the interests of Altavista Cinematics against criminal activity, fraud, and false declaration about a contract.

Conservation of records

Personal information will be kept only as necessary, including the purposes of updating the product or services or according to the requirements of current laws. When personal information is no longer required, it will be destroyed by approved destruction methods, to prevent unauthorized third parties from infiltrating the information during and after the process.

Protection under our custody

We have developed and will maintain security procedures to protect personal information against loss, theft, copying, and access, use, or modification without authorization. Access to personal information is restricted to employees and authorized service providers who need it to perform their work. While Altavista Cinematics strives to protect all information, most of the sensitive information, such as payment mechanisms, may not be saved by us, as is the case with credit card information. In these cases said information will be requested in a timely manner and using a financial institution that would process the transaction. In the case of banking information, it will be stored with total discretion and can be destroyed at the request of the client or user using the mechanism in a reasonable time.


About providing access to information

Altavista Cinematics is committed to providing its users or clients with access to their personal information. You have the right to know why and how we have collected your personal data. If you want to receive a copy of the documents that we have in your files, we may charge you a minimum fee for reproduction and shipping. We will inform you of this charge before we reproduce the documents. You also have the right to correct any incorrect, incomplete, or outdated information that we have in your file. If we find that the information in our files is incorrect or incomplete, we will make the necessary changes. Please note that any request for access or to correct information must be made in writing and sent to our Customer Relations Department at 8333 NW 53rd Street, Suite 450, Miami, FL 33166, United States of America.

Claims regarding the handling of personal information

If a client or user is dissatisfied with how their information has been handled, We can contact them. To do so, The client or user can send a written communication to the Customer Relations Department at 8333 NW 53rd Street, Suite 450, Miami, FL 33166, United States of America. Once we receive this communication, Altavista Cinematics will explain our procedure and respond to the request.

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