Upcoming Training Schedule 

Our training sessions cover a deep range of topics at different levels for the Motion Picture Media Industry and  TV Broadcasting Companies presented by Altavista Cinematics' experts.

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"The light and Color of Metadata"
FilmLight - Prelight & Daylight Operation 
On-Demand Training 
( January 2021 ) 

This recorded online training consists of 4 sessions (8 hours in total) covering all aspects of  Prelight & Daylight Operation for Cinematographers & DITs. Training in Spanish Language with Fernando Medellin - Sr Colorist with extensive expertise in grading for films, advertising, and HDR color process supervisor. 

Broadcast Video Camera
Alignment and Matching Techniques for Studio Cameras - Online Live Training
( February 16, 17 & 18, 2021 ) 

This online training consists of 3 sessions (6 hours in total) covering all aspects of  Studio Cameras Alignment and Matching Techniques for video engineers. Training in Spanish Language with Salvador De La Serna - Head of Cinematic Intelligence with extensive expertise in glass-to-glass collaborative  workflows and Studio Camera Systems. 

(Limited Availability. Only 10 spots per group!)

Discover your cinematic look
Online Live Training 
( February 23, 24 & 26, 2021 ) 

This online training consists of 3 sessions (6 hours in total) covering all aspects of  Cinematic Techniques for DSRL & Mirrorless Camera users. Training in Spanish Language with Rosalie Hübl, Cinematographer & Cinema Trainer with extensive expertise in short films, documentaries, feature films, commercials and television. (Limited Availability. Only 16 Spots!) 

DaVinci Resolve Certification
Online Live Training 
( February 8 - 12, 2021 ) 

This online training consists of all aspects  of DaVinci Resolve Color Correction & ICA Certification. Training  in Spanish Language with Diego Yhama' DaVinci Master Trainer - LATAM Ambassador | ICA Instructor and Colorist. (Limited Availability. Only 6 Spots!)

TV Screens
Monitor Calibration & Profiling Techniques
Online Live Training
( Upon request 

This online training consists of 3 sessions (4.5 hours in total) covering all aspects of  Monitor Calibration & Profiling Techniques for post-houses. Training in Spanish Language with Mike Villasana - Head of Technology, Color management and collaborative  workflows. 

(Limited Availability. Only 16 Spots!).

Film Set
Preserving your creative intent for HDR projects. 
Online Live Training & Workshop
( Upon Request 

This training consists of  4 live online sessions & 2 workshops will teach you the skills needed to understand the opportunities and challenges that HDR and new delivery formats can bring us by preserving creative intent from Acquisition to Color Grading. 

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