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We offer innovative consulting services to help the Motion Picture Media Industry, TV Broadcasting Companies and High-Tech Manufacturers achieve their most important goals. 


  • Cinematic Design - Consulting and Training

Consulting  and Training services about HDR Cinematic Design and Color Science Solutions by promoting best practices on Glass-to-Glass collaborative workflows in order to expand business opportunities for Broadcast Stations, Rental & Post-production Houses, Filmmakers and Director of Photography. We provide the following comprehensive Consulting  and Training  services: 


   Consulting Plans

  1. HDR Cinematic Design

  2. Production Engineering Process

  3. Color Science Solutios Advice

  4. Glass-to-glass collaborative workflows for HDR

  5. Technology Investment Advice

   Training Programs - Online + Onsite + Workshops & On the Job Training

  1. Cinematic Techniques Training

  2. Cinema Camera Systems Training

  3. HDR Cinematic Design Techniques.

  4. Production Engineering Process Training

  5. Mastering and Color Management Workflows Training

  6. Glass-to-glass Collaborative Workflows Techniques

  7. Cinematic Project Management Training


  • Market Development & Strategy -  Promoting and Selling Products.

As part of our consulting activity, we provide services of Market Development for high Tech Manufacturers through innovative strategies  to grow your products into Cinema and Broadcast Markets.

Our proficient outsourcing services of Market Development & Strategy are the following:

  1. Product Webinars

  2. Customer Success Stories (Video)

  3. Specialized Product Training

  4. Market Development Plans 

  5. Demand Creation Events 

  6. Pre-sales Activities  (Demos)

  7. Post-Sales Activities (Training)

  8. Technology Trade Shows Support


  • Tech Alliance

We are a connector and catalyst to establish strong Partnerships and Tech Alliances between innovative ideas and disruptive organizations into Cinema and Broadcast Markets.


  • Training upon request

We offer an extensive onsite or online training upon request for the Motion Picture Media Industry, TV Broadcasting Companies, Filmmakers and Director of Photography.

  1. Cinematic Techniques -  Cinematography General Training

  2. HDR Cinematic Design Techniques – HDR Cinematography Advanced Training

  3. Cinema Camera System  –  Menu & Project Setup for  Cinema Cameras

  4. Cinema Camera System  - HDR Advanced Training

  5. Production Engineering Process – Camera Alignment and Matching Training

  6. Color Grading Systems - Filmlight and DaVinci Resolve Certification Training

  7. Glass-to-glass Collaborative Workflows Techniques – General Training

  8. Mastering and Color Management Workflows – Advanced Training

  9. Cinematic Project Management Training – Production Training